Basics of Doing SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and the final goal of every SEO campaign is to improve the visibility of the target page or website on search engines, mainly Google. It doesn’t matter if you have a sports website such as or a fashion blog – SEO can help your visibility so you find your target audience. Now, there are different SEO techniques and several aspects that should be taken into account and examined before SEO is done.

Research the Keywords

First of all, the marketers need to do a keyword research and see which of the keywords should be implemented on the website in order to make them more visible. For example, someone who wants to buy a car would probably search for different car models or car prices. The marketers see which keywords are mostly used and suitable for the website that sells cars and then they start to strategically implement them to suit Google’s algorithm.

Structure Your Site Neatly

Google uses an algorithm which “crawls” the pages of the websites and extracts valuable keywords through which the website will be ranked. But if the site is not structured properly, the crawlers will be confused which path to follow and this will result in the lower visibility on the SERP.

Conduct On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization includes optimizing elements on a specific page so as to make it rank better. Mostly, this includes organizing the content properly, marking the headings, inserting the keywords strategically, writing meta tags and meta descriptions, and writing alt descriptions for images.

Furthermore, everyone who does the on-page optimization needs to pay attention to outbound links and the scalability of the content itself.

A page is not optimized only for Google but for humans as well. Google optimizes a website or a page in regard to the time that people usually spend on the website and the number of pages they visit. This means that everyone needs to create engaging and valuable content for their users.

Optimize via Link Building

Google ranks websites according to their “domain authority”, also known as DA – the higher authority means that particular page or website is well-optimized and has many monthly visits. If a website with high DA links towards a website with low DA, this will give the latter a boost on the SE.

Marketers often look for websites that have high DA and use various strategies for them to link back to their website. This can be conducted through either guest-posting an article or simply paying that website for a link.

Stay Updated!

Measure Everything

Everything with SEO comes down to numbers. You can see whether you did a good job if your website has a better ranking on search engines and you have more visitors. You can track things with tools such as Google Analytics and plan your SEO strategies accordingly. These will tell you if your bounce rate is too high or your visitors do not spend enough time on the pages.

Stay Updated!

The thing with SEO is that it is dictated by the algorithms that search engines use. Since Google constantly changes the algorithm to make the results better, the marketers need to alter their SEO strategies in order to remain competitive.


SEO seems like a difficult thing to do – but it involves wit and creativity much more than other IT jobs. You need to be agile, ready to learn, and come up with creative solutions in order to drive traffic to the websites. It also needs to be done by a versatile team as it involves various different approaches!

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