Best-Paying Work-from-Home Jobs

Work-from-home jobs aren’t reserved just for people educated in computer science or information technologies. Many other industries are offering remote positions and are constantly looking for skilled workers. There are many online services specializing for finding this type of jobs. So, it is very easy to find something that will match your specific skillset. If you want to make money without leaving your house, here is the list of some best paying work-from-home jobs.

Websites Tester – Salary is usually between $10 and $15 per test. This is a good job for web surfers who are detail oriented. Many companies need online testers who will make sure that the websites are easy to navigate, and see to it that everything works well.
Virtual Assistant – If you are a very organized person, this is the job for you. You can earn about $12 per hour. You will need to do office duties, like managing calendars, replying to emails, entering data, etc.

Consultant or Direct Salesperson – In this job, your profit depends on how much you sell. Salary is different in every company, but typically, you can take 20% to 35% of sales in commissions. This is good for a person who has an entrepreneurial spirit, and who likes to meet new people. For consultant or direct salesperson, you can apply directly to the companies, or through specialized websites that can link you with them.

Transcriptionist – you will earn about $25 or more per hour. This is a very flexible job, you need to listen to audio files and type out everything you hear: simple and easy.

Survey Taker – Salary can range from $1 to $50. This can be lots of fun for people who have opinion on everything. You can answer questions about various topic, take an opinion poll, or review a product.

Customer Service Representative – You can earn from $8 to $18 for an hour. This job is perfect for communicative people with patience and solid computer skills. Your job would be to help customers to find an adequate order, sales location or just to resolve product-related conflicts.

Corporative English Trainer – If you are a native English speaker, for an hour you can earn about $15. It is a big plus if you are bilingual. People around the world are searching for English speakers with whom to practice their conversation and writing skills.

Online Teacher – The average annual salary is about $30,000, or around $12 – $35 per hour. If you are a teacher, you do not need to be in a classroom, you can also teach via Skype. There is a big demand for teachers in all subjects, like language, science, history, etc. This is good for people who have extensive knowledge in a particular subject a client needs, or who are fluent in a language and want to work with a student who needs help via Skype.

Freelance Writer – For those who are good at writing this should be an easy job. There is a huge demand for writers who can create high-quality articles for websites. Some freelance writers specialize in one subject or one topic, such as “sport”, “culture’’ or “politics”. Per month, you can earn about $200 and more… it really depends of how much work you can do.

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