Do you have a system for tracking your online gambling activity?

The majority of gamblers out there gamble just from time to time, for fun. They love to visit online casinos and betting sites and use great promotions these sites offer, such as Betfair Promo Code. These people don’t really need a system for tracking your gambling activities because they do it as a hobby.

However, if you are a full-time gambler and you do that for a living, you must have a system for tracking your online gambling activity. If not, it’s high time to make one. Having a system of tracking your gambling activity means fewer losses and more insight into where your money is going. Setting a limit when you gamble is important, no matter whether you are just starting to gamble or you have a long-running reputation.

Another reason for keeping track of your online gambling activity is, again, purely financial. Imagine the following situation – you play some slots, you win big, you withdraw a huge amount of cash – and then the taxes on those winnings come. If you don’t keep track of what you’ve won, you might end up paying bigger taxes than you are supposed to.

You can always track your gambling activity by using the old-fashioned method – a pen and paper. Simply write your winnings and losses every time you play slots or bet on your favorite sports, and in time you’ll have an insight into everything you have invested in online gambling. Another great way to keep track of your activity is to create a spreadsheet and type your progress as you finish with gambling. There are also a few good pieces of software that keep track of your gambling activity for you. One of them is Slot Tracker, a simple plug-in that records the total number of spins, bet size, bet frequency and other useful things. If you visit online casinos often, make sure to download Slot Tracker, just to be on the safe side.

If you are too lazy to make your own system for tracking winning and losses, you can always try downloading apps such as Smart Bet Tracker. As it does not offer any betting options, it is completely safe to use as a record keeper. You can manage all your betting information in one place. Keep the information about your balance on various online betting sites in your pocket always. Deposits, withdrawals, bets and transfers – all of this will be stored in a single app. Neat, isn’t it? You can even use the Smart Bet Tracker to search for competitions and events in every sport, league or country. Include a date and time for each bet, enter the sport you are betting on, competition and event, or provide useful information to other bettors by publishing your opinion. The best part of the Smart Bet Tracker app is that all of this information can be entered automatically. You will just need to choose the bookmaker and enter the stake.

It doesn’t matter which record-keeping method you choose, as long as you remember to enter detailed information about each bet or casino game you play. Remember that you are doing this for a greater good, and your wallet and finances will be grateful to you if you spare them of unexpected losses or shortages. Stay on the safe side!

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