How to Become an Online Casino Affiliate?

Affiliate marketing is one of the most important aspects of online casino nowadays. The principle is simple – attract players to certain casinos that have great analyses such as the CasinoEuro review and they will offer incentives for that. Basically, instead of them doing the marketing part, it’s you who is doing the promotion.

Some of the successful affiliate marketers in gambling earn big cash – it is not a secret. However, they now mostly have big teams of developers, marketers, designers, writers, etc, who do their best to promote casinos. So, how to become an affiliate yourself? It’s not difficult actually.

Learn all the Games

First of all, you need to know how gambling industry works and pay special attention to how the gambling games work. If you are not into gambling or betting, you should start with the simple ones such as slots. Then move slowly towards roulette and other table & card games. Once you master gambling games, try out how betting in different sports and events work and learn about the whole system.

Find the Casinos You Want to Promote

Different casinos and betting platform offer different conditions. First, try with those which are open to new affiliates and which are not made for experienced players. It is important to do the research and find those which you think you can promote the best.

Hire a Web Developer

Having a website is a crucial part of being an affiliate. You will not write reviews and offer promo codes on them. In fact, you will sometimes even embed the games which can be played directly from your website. Due to this fact, you will need to hire a professional web developer and keep your website constantly updated and fresh.

Get Noticed

The most important thing about affiliate marketing is – well, marketing. Now, you need to have your own marketing strategy and it requires you to know how digital marketing works and how to get to your target audience. If industries such as SEO, SMM, Content marketing, and Email marketing have no meaning to you, you should perhaps “make friends” and learn more about digital marketing in general.

Update Your Website

If you have an initial success as an affiliate marketer, you would probably want to expand your business. You can do that by contacting more platforms and presenting your services. This means that your website will have to be up-to-date and with new content on a regular basis, thereby creating more leads. This requires time, devotion, and – a team. At this point, you should consider hiring professional writers and designers who will take your business to another level.

Be Honest

Nobody likes cheaters in gambling and this is why you should always be honest. If you are to write reviews of casino games, do not lie about the bonuses or gameplay. If you lose trust of your followers, you will start gaining the reputation of an untrustworthy website. Be careful!


At first it may seem difficult and strange, but gambling affiliate marketing is actually pretty interesting simply because it’s about games and fun. If you are at least a bit into gambling and betting, you are going to love your job.

Remember that the only important thing here is to plan everything in advance and according to your plan. If you manage to do so, you will start gaining followers who will play games on the casinos you promote.

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