Market Your Business Like a Pro

If you have just started your business, or have been in the biz for some time now, you know you need to get the word out there. Brand awareness is the extent to which your consumers will be able to recall your existence. Your presence is key to your performance and your consumers need to know of you before they try what you have on offer. There are plenty of methods to make people aware of your business and we singled a few of them out just for you.

Guerilla marketing

Although it is said to be an unconventional strategy when it comes to marketing, guerilla marketing can be a cost-effective method when you need to create a buzz on a tight budget. Everyone does it. McDonald’s painted the stripes on a zebra crossing yellow to look like its own French fries. The color of the French fries stand out and anyone craving for food while out on a stroll can’t help but remember the golden arches. Kit Kat colored half a bench into its trademark wrapper while the other half of the bench looked like chocolate – this simple and effective plan created a social space where people wouldn’t just meet at any old bench but the ‘Kit Kat bench’. Mars colored their trucks to look like giant delicious Mars bars. You can even hire a few people to advertise your brand undercover. For instance, Sony employed people to ask strangers to take photos of them so that the potential customer can see what the camera looks like. Spend some time to think about what you could do with the resources you have available and use these examples as sources of inspiration.

Social media

Facebook is an easy way to let the online community know you exist without making a significant dent in your budget. Make sure your customers know of any upcoming events or deals that are on offer. Social media is used best when you know your consumers well – do they listen to podcasts or watch YouTube? If they do, podcasters and YouTubers are always on the lookout for easy money and will slip in a good word for you. You should also have a professional website in order to impress and inform your consumers because this is the standard practice in this day and age.

Host events

Make giveaway prizes to ensure customer returns. Like moths to a flame, people can’t turn away from free stuff so make either a one-day giveaway or, better yet, a competition where the most loyal customers can feel appreciated for their contributions to your enterprise. On a sunny day, arrange a Volleyball tournament. Nets and balls are inexpensive and your potential customers will forever associate that cordial sporting event with your cause. Yet another way to generate the hype would be to get some professional dancers to wear your shirts during their performance – be sure to know their moves in advance so that you do not draw out the wrong crowd.

By now you should have a clearer picture in mind about marketing like a pro. It goes without saying that you should brainstorm more than half a dozen ideas and pick your favorite. Look for inspiration from the giants in the business and turn that inspiration into your authentic strategy.

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