Top Sports for Betting

When it comes to picking the right sport to bet on, there are few things you should consider. First of all, which sport do you know most about? If you are familiar with the sport you bet on, you will have better chances at making correct predictions. Secondly, how popular is the sport you are considering betting on? If the sport is among the more popular ones you will have more betting options, better coverage of events, greater availability of information, as well as the opportunity to bet at more bookmakers. That is why our main criterion when compiling the list below was primarily the popularity of the sport. 

Horse Racing

Betting on horse racing events is a very popular pastime. This is one of the oldest sports in the world and one of the first people started to bet on. Many bookmakers have been perfecting their websites for ages now so that you may both enjoy and figure out where to view the events with ease. The most popular bets are for an individual horse to win, place (finishes second) or show (finishes third), but there are also many more exotic bets to choose from.  


Football is rightly described as “the most important of the least important things in life”. With millions of fans around the world, especially in Europe, it offers a huge variety of betting options and betting markets. You can bet on the outcome of a game (win, lose or draw), or on the score at half time, the number of goals per game, who will score first, who will win the league, even on who will get a red card and when. Many other combinations and accumulators are also available.


Yet another sport with worldwide popularity would be basketball.  It gives punters plenty of betting options and markets. The NBA league is the most popular and attractive league in basketball and the most exciting to bet on. Basketball is also one of the easiest sports to bet on, especially if you already know how to bet on football. It offers an over/under betting system and imposes certain handicaps when a much stronger team is playing versus the underdog. These are expressed in point spreads: a team is required to win by a certain number of points or more. This is the most popular method for betting on basketball, the second being betting on totals, i.e. predicting the total score of the two teams during a game.


Betting live on tennis guarantees an exciting rush. A pro tip – steer clear from lower levels of the sport since the Independent Review of Integrity in Tennis recently unearthed issues with match-fixing. High profile events are your best options for betting in tennis where no player wants to give up unexpectedly and hand over a match. With independent review boards now monitoring these events with more pressure than before, it is highly unlikely that scandals will occur anytime soon.


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